Water. Did you ever stop to think just how important water is to your everyday life? From health, sanitation, and nutrition, to transportation, recreation, and cultural identity, water is just as important today as it has been for countless people for generations. Whether it’s the Mississippi River, the Missouri River, or the endless list of rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and even fountains that dot Missouri’s landscape, this series is all about water. So, with that, let’s dive right in to Water & Waterways. This episode features Loring Bullard discussing the historical significance of spring water in the lives and health of Missourians.

About the Guest: Loring Bullard holds a master’s degree in Natural and Applied Science from Missouri State University. He is the Watershed Planning/Grant Assistant for the James River Basin Partnership, and previously served as the Executive Director of Watershed Committee of the Ozarks. He is the author of several books, including “Consider the Source: A History of the Springfield, Missouri Public Water Supply,” “Healing Waters: Missouri’s Historic Mineral Springs and Spas,” and “Living Waters: The Springs of Missouri.”

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